Fou Fou HA!

Fou Fou Ha has tumbled into Austin, and we are ready to keep it weird! From humble wildly colored beginnings nearly two decades ago as San Francisco’s premier cartoon performance ensemble, Austin’s chapter of Fou Fou Ha continues the antics and adventures with that special big hair showgirl flair which
can only be found in the heart of Texas.
Branching out from San Francisco to include New York, Portland, and now Austin, Fou is part glitter, part fool archetype, part dance company, and above all, inhibition annihilators. Described as having a Fosse precision with a Jim Henson sensibility, Fou Fou Ha truly represents the mashup of drag, witty political
acts, a fashion­forward paradigm blender, with a twist of party monster. Austin's chapter sets itself apart as the Showgirl Clowns of Texas, adding equal parts of vintage Rockettes and Las Vegas showgirls (and a whole circus tent for good measure).
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