Lotus Gray

Alyssa Sophia Rutledge , also known as on Instagram as LotusGray88 has been recognized as a professional performer with a wide range of specialty acts to offer.  She started in the Theatrical arts world as a young one singing, dancing, and acting.  She then evolved into becoming a performance artist for an array of southern California's largest transformation festivals. Some of these included performing with Insomniac,  Lucent Dossier experience, Coachella, Desert hearts , Lighting in a bottle , grateful generation , the ruby girls , Dialogue , and many more.  She moved to Austin Texas to expand her arts and help develop new things here! She received management of booking performers at the rose room atx and 77 degrees rooftop.  She also ran the performance teams for vibe vessel, Austin music week , swsw private events.  She worked as an independent performer with govinda music, disco donnie and team EZ for something wicked and freaky deaky large edm festivals.  She was also part of pyrotex a 30 + fire show that we put on for burning man 2018.  She is now a co founder of a immerisve entertainment company Illuminatra ent.  https://www.illuminatra.com/ .  They offer Fire dancing , Unique led props for unique character play, aerial acts, stilts , and more! 

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