Our Mission

At Lotus Frequency, we believe in simplicity within our designs and quality of our materials. We believe every body is sexy. And we believe in inspiring and empowering those who don our garments.

Each piece is hand-crafted in our humble studio in Austin, TX with the intention of connecting you to your inner goddess, and our hope is that the designs will not only make you feel sexy, but will facilitate a space within yourself to be confident with your body. 

Sourced from a high-end textile manufacturer in Japan, we choose every style of elastic based on their elasticity, softness, and durability. As a result, we are proud to say that our number one compliment from customers is that they can’t believe how comfortable our harnesses are. Our o-rings are made from solid brass with a durable clear powder-coating--making them the perfect durable festival piece. Additionally, each piece is assembled with solid brass snaps making our pieces comfortable to wear, but also easy to take off.