Our Mission

Every ​body​ is beautiful and celebrated at Lotus Frequency. In fact, empowerment is stitched into the very meaning of our work. Our luxurious and gender neutral body harnesses (and accessories) are specialty pieces, hand-crafted to accentuate the beauty and uniqueness of any and every body. As artists, we create harnesses with the intention of aligning you with your sexiest, most empowered, self- your Lotus Frequency.
Our harnesses are designed for movement. Making each one a unique and hypnotising addition to wardrobes for professional dancers and performers, as well as all of us dancing in the crowd. Our artists choose an array of performance dance-wear elastics based on flexibility, durability, and softness, and our o-rings give each harness a little pop of detail and shine. Snaps assemble each design making your harness comfortable to wear and easy to take off: the perfect durable festival piece, or accessory for your playtime.
Lotus Frequency harnesses are made to order-by hand and with love, by our humble team of talented lady artisans in a quaint studio in Austin, TX.
So maybe it's time to slip into your power in one of our floral full body playsuits or a pony bottom harness with a top to match. Lotus Frequency: unvailling you to yourself.